Millions of Texas residents are in search of their dream lawn. Yet for many, this dream has become a nightmare of costly and time-consuming maintenance. Grass takes fertilizer to grow and gas to mow. Dogs dig holes and and bring their muddy paws into the home. Weeds stubbornly surface. And then there’s the water – endless gallons given to its insatiable thirst.

No wonder so many homeowners are glad they followed the lead of thousands of luxury golf courses and athletic fields and switched to artificial turf. At Home Turf, we pride ourselves in providing the best possible experience to our customers from our product design, to our expert installs, to our unmatched customer service.


  • Yard and lawn
  • Swimming pool
  • Playground
  • Putting Green
  • Roof, Deck, Patio


  • Lawn looks great year round
  • Pet-friendly
  • Weather resistant
  •  Saves money on maintenance